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Bilderberg Meeting Attendees: Hertfordshire, England 6-9 June 2013

Bilderberg GroupTerry Melanson | 2013-06-03 - Official list of 2013 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

Militant Masonry: Amis de la Vérité, Buonarroti Masters and French Carbonari (Part 2 of 2)

Terry Melanson | 2013-02-25 - Some parts of Europe have been tormented by a revolutionary exaltation, which secret societies nourish and propagate, by endeavouring chiefly to mislead the youth. These secret societies have been imported into France, and are come to soil this land of honour with their frightful oaths, their detestable plots, and their poniards.

Militant Masonry: Amis de la Vérité, Buonarroti Masters and French Carbonari (Part 1 of 2)

Terry Melanson | 2013-02-18 - Two members of the Amis de la Vérité, Nicolas Joubert and Pierre Dugied (1798-1879), having fled to Italy after the August plot, brought back the statutes (and inner-workings) of the Carbonari and formed their own version of it in France, May 1st, 1821.

Bilderberg Meeting Attendees: Chantilly, Virginia, USA, 31 May-3 June 2012

Bilderberg membersTerry Melanson | 2012-06-03 - Official list of 2012 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

Masonic Emblems on Coins and Medallions during the French Revolution

Masonic TriangleTerry Melanson | 2012-04-24 - To symbolize its principles and ideals, the Revolution drew upon two sources: from the rituals of Freemasonry and the symbols and trappings of classical antiquity.

Bilderberg Meeting Attendees: St. Moritz, Switzerland 9-12 June 2011

Bilderberg members 2011Terry Melanson | 2011-06-11 - Official list of 2011 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

Pike to Mazzini, August 15, 1871: Three World Wars?

Diable of TaxilTerry Melanson | 2010-10-05 - Or, how Michael Haupt said, that William Guy Carr said, that Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez of Santiago, Chile said, that The Cause of World Unrest said, that the confessed hoaxer Gabriel Jogand-Pagès aka Dr. Bataille aka Leo Taxil said about Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini in Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1894, p. 605 (but actually pp. 594-606). Got it?

Bilderberg Meeting Attendees: Sitges, Spain 3-6 June 2010

Bilderberg GroupTerry Melanson | 2010-06-07 - Official list of 2010 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

Temple of Man: Freemasonry, Civil Religion, and Education

Neuf SoeursTerry Melanson | 2010-05-20 - In Europe and North America, "culture war" was the socio-political preoccupation of the mid- to late-19th Century. However, the struggle for control of the educational establishment actually began a hundred years earlier during the Enlightenment.

Bilderberg Attendees: Vouliagmeni, Greece, 14-17 May 2009 (Final list of Participants)

Bilderberg Group FaxTerry Melanson | 2009-05-23 - Official list of 2009 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

Owl of Wisdom: Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Schlaraffia, James Gordon Bennett Jr.

Minerval SealTerry Melanson | 2009-03-08 - Pallas Athene (or Minerva to the Romans), the goddess of wisdom, honored the owl as her sacred bird. The owl was recognized as an emblem of penetrating sight and intelligence. It was considered to be a favorable omen if an owl was spotted on the battle field or at times of crisis. The Athenian silver tetradrachm bore the owl (Athene noctua); and owls were protected and thrived in great numbers at the Acropolis of Athens (a temple dedicated to Athena).

Illuminati Conspiracy Part Two: Sniffing out Jesuits

Illuminati Part twoTerry Melanson | 2008-09-12 - Adam Weishaupt was pathologically hostile toward the Jesuits or Jesuitism - anything to do with monasticism, religious absolutism, or "superstitious folly" and obscurantism. Before and after the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773, his quarrels with the Jesuit staff at the University of Ingolstadt were legendary.

Ron Paul: Honest, Consistent; Jeffrey Toobin: CFR Shill

ToobinTerry Melanson | 2007-12-04 - One of the most pernicious examples of collusion with the fascist-elite against the voting public, is the fact that major news networks regularly employ talking heads who are simultaneously card-carrying members of a conspiracy elite cabal - either the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Club, or the Bilderberg Group.

Scientology Fronts: Delphian Schools,, et al

Scientology FrontsTerry Melanson | 2007-11-06 - "[The] book, although rooted in fact, was part of a continuing attempt by the Church of Scientology to discredit professional psychology and psychiatry by any means possible. The book was published by the Delphian Foundation, a Scientology organization that runs a church school outside a small town in rural Oregon."

Book Review: The Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets

Hermetic CodeTerry Melanson | 2007-08-15 - The media hype surrounding Frank Albo - dubbed "Canada's Dan Brown" by the Premier of Manitoba - is not as exaggerated as one might suspect. A more apt analogy, perhaps, is Dan Brown's main protagonist, Robert Langdon: the scholarly academic thoroughly versed in occult symbolism, on a quest to uncover that which has been hidden in plain view.

Illuminati Descendants Assemble for an Eyes Wide Shut-like "Heaven and Hell" Bash

Real Illuminati BloodlinesTerry Melanson | 2007-06-20 - What does Prince Pavlos of Greece, Prince Michael of Kent, Prince Andrew, the Viscount of Linley, and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway all have in common?

Oprah Winfrey, New Thought, "The Secret" and the "New Alchemy"

The SecretTerry Melanson | 2007-04-11 - New Thought metaphysics was in full swing, and the original self-help gurus combined the burgeoning science of applied psychology with that of Bernays-like manipulative advertising. An eager public was caught unaware and would consume mass market "willpower-building" manuals, by the millions. Each successive generation has had its own purveyors, and the Oprah-inspired phenomenon that is The Secret, as we shall see, stems from the same fount.

Michael Richards: Freemason, Shriner, Racist

Michael RichardsTerry Melanson | 2006-11-22 - Richards' conduct might ultimately stem from his association with Freemasonry. [...] Michael Richards is within the top echelon of Scottish Rite Masonry - a 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Inspector-General. At this level, he practices what has been described as White Masonry.

North American Forum: The Secret Cabal of Trinational Elites

North American ForumTerry Melanson | 2006-09-28 - My first thought following the news of the secret meeting of elites at Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 12-14), was that this amounted to a new group of insiders in the tradition of the Bilderbergers. This assessment turned out to be more precise than I had originally anticipated.

May Day and the Posthumous Influence of the Illuminati

Illuminati May DayTerry Melanson | 2006-05-03 - Secret societies do nothing without multiple layers of esoteric meaning; symbolism is of vital importance. It was in this tradition that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. When we look at the doctrine of the Illuminati, it becomes clear that the choice of May Day for its birth was no coincidence.

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