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From the Ashes of World War II

From the AshesErik Fortman | 2005-06-29 - The same masters, or their fathers, that are controlling the globalization game today, designed World War II. This is irrefutable, and I will not go into those details again. Just as History Channel now must admit that Franklin Delano Roosevelt staged Pearl Harbor, so too had the Banking and Aristocratic Elite also directed the theatre production of Hitler, Stalin, De Gaulle, Churchill and the entire global conflict.

In Defense of Capitalism

Ludwig von MisesErik Fortman | 2005-06-20 - Any intelligent American Communist will tell you that the Soviet and Chinese models of Communism are bastardized. What most professed Capitalists fail to acknowledge is that the U.S. model of Capitalism has become a malevolent shadow of its former intent. Properly speaking, The United States of America operates under the system of Corporatism.

Truth and the Occult: A Difference in Freedoms

OccultErik Fortman | 2005-06-10 - Freedom of the spirit is protesting Authority, not dressing up and taking drugs. Freedom of the spirit is telling your fellow man that there is a malevolent force in the world that is keeping them in enslavement, not building pagan temples to ancient Gods of Death. Dancing around pyres is the same thing the Elite Masters do. Dressing up and partaking in sexual orgies is the same thing the Elite Masters do.

3rd Party USA

3rd Party USAErik Fortman | 2005-05-30 - [...] a major tier of our platform should be the complete repeal of the Patriot Act, Patriot Act II, Victory Act, and any fascistic or tyrannical legislation. We should be able to agree on selling to the public our intention of making legislative pork illegal. No longer will we allow them to tack Hitlerian national ID legislation onto the end of a war supplemental (although, the war supplemental would also be vetoed by 3rd Party USA. In fact, the war would end immediately, by Executive Order if necessary.)

Homogenous News

Homogenous NewsErik Fortman | 2005-05-04 - I've studied and interviewed enough to know that not only are intelligence operatives placed inside newsrooms; not only is the Federal Government generating fake newscasts with impunity; and, not only do I believe many of the newscasters (O'Reilly, Matthews, Hannity, etc.) are in on it; but, the scheme truly is obviously simple. Simply, selected stories are chosen for the mass consumption of the American populace.

Republican Infiltration in Gary Allen's Nixon

Republican InfiltrationErik Fortman | 2005-05-01 - Gary Allen is one of the finest and most respected conspiracy researchers of the 20th Century. Best know for None Dare Call It Conspiracy, that book became an instant hit, cheered by John Birchers and decried by Leftists. It was never mentioned, but very likely despised by the International Banking Cartel, the Round Table Groups, and various other Globalist minions who were behind the financing of Communism and the United Nations. Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask is an exceptional book in its own right.

U.S. War Veterans and American Hypocrisy

War VeteransErik Fortman | 2005-04-12 - Today we will be discussing how a war society treats its Military Veterans. It seems incumbent on the Federal Government and the American people to provide the necessary benefits and compensation for those who have served in combat. Even with an all volunteer army, and as misguided and brainwashed as those troops who are murdering innocents might be – they are mostly young and mostly poor, which leaves them few options but to join the Big Green Machine – they deserve to be treated with just financial, medical, and humanitarian benefits.

Social Security: Socialism, Corporatism vs. Libertarianism

Social SecurityErik Fortman | 2005-04-05 - Well, well, well. It's "Social Security is broke, we need to fix it" season again. 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, 10,000 wounded/1,500 dead Americans, a few tortured humans, and all we can get on the inane boob tube is staged partisan bickering on the retirement issue. Meanwhile, freedom is once again overlooked. If my readers will indulge me, I will show you how and why the Social Security debate has everything to do with Socialist and corporate control and nothing to do with liberty.

A Founding Father of Freedom: Mikhail Bakunin

BakuninErik Fortman | 2005-03-30 - Mikhail Bakunin is best known for being the adversary of Karl Marx. They built the International Workingmen's Association, which dissolved shortly after its inception due to a rift between the two. Rhetorically, both political philosophers rallied around the same battle cry: that workers should retain the profits of their labor. Yet, the paths toward such a possibility were drastically different.

John Creasy, Man On Fire: Top-notch mind control

Man on FireErik Fortman | 2005-03-11 - [...] we must ask why the government would use movies and media to control the mind. In the case of Man On Fire, Big Pharma fingerprints are evident. We have established that stressful films cause adverse chemical and biological effects in the human brain and body. It is also fact that the Corporate Government knows this, has infiltrated media, and utilized their knowledge. Many scientists and scientific journals assert that many people who are stimulated in such a way become mentally ill in the short and long term. The Pharmaceutical wing of the government has been pushing mood-altering drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, and a dizzying array of other such patented chemicals.

America: After the Coup

CoupErik Fortman | 2005-02-21 - The following is a broad brushstroke design, and only meant for the consumption of those who dream to be free. There will be many arguments, which are always valuable. Perhaps if I can help guide our mindset in a positive fashion, in the slightest way, I can do my little part for humanity and for the formerly great United States of America. Can we become what I describe below? I can imagine it. If enough people imagine, doesn't it become reality?

Born In Captivity, Living Under Occupation

28th Regiment FlagErik Fortman | 2005-01-25 - My name is Erik Fortman. I was born in captivity, under a foreign government. Today, my country is still occupied. I am a slave, living under an oppressive regime that invaded us, making our Confederacy a permanent colony in 1865. The Reconstruction Acts secured my status as a lifelong indentured servant, making my people corporate property under the illegal United States Government.

Some Paine-ful Common Sense

Tom PaineErik Fortman | 2004-12-29 - Most U.S. Americans will recall the title of the Revolutionary War tract written by Thomas Paine called “Common Sense”. What many do not remember is the content of this very important, very honest account of life as seen by one of our Great Patriots. “Common Sense” is no longer in the synopsis of most public school curricula these days, either; the reason is obvious. Thomas Paine was nothing less than a pseudo-anarchist, which all men of complete logic tend to become. As a document that helped define the belief system of a nation, it would behoove us to reexamine Paine’s writings, and reap rewards from its wisdom.

Building a Dialectic: When the borders close, it's over

Mexico BorderErik Fortman | 2004-12-19 - As insurgents slowly rip away at the grunt-fabric of the U.S. military, and as America continues to bomb anything that moves, and as Europe cringes with each punch and counterpunch, the U.S. Government is quietly legislating the destruction of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the very essence of our diverse, conflicted, yet victorious in the face of dire odds, country. The final piece of the puzzle will be exactly what we ask for. In the end, the U.S. will shut her borders, not from immigrants and diplomats, but from its own citizenry leaving to a freer outside.

A Mandate for War

Electoral VotesErik Fortman | 2004-11-03 - Well, it looks like this dumb, ol’ redneck, pothead musician from Texas can cut to the chase faster than most Ivy League political pundits, who were more than not calling Kerry throughout. Today, they’re still talking about college students’ cell phones, when they should be talking about the pure inanity of Kerry for not conceding like a gentleman. (It is 10:30AM Central, Nov. 3, 2004. Kerry just conceded.) Bush has won. Now, maybe people don’t agree with my antagonistic, agnostic anarchism - yet I see clearly.

Bill O'Reilly: Illuminati Disinformation Agent

Bill O'Reilly: Illuminati Disinfo AgentErik Fortman | 2004-10-26 - Bill O’Reilly has the most popular and most powerful fluff-news program in the country. His show, The O’Reilly Factor, dubbing itself the “no-spin zone,” is nothing less than Illuminati stage-show.

Ayn Rand: 'Anthem' joins 1984/Brave New World Pantheon

AnthemErik Fortman | 2004-10-21 - In this article, Ayn Rand’s book, the classic manuscript “Anthem”, will be discussed. It is a beginner’s guide to understanding the complete flaw that is collectivism. Conversely, this book extols the virtue of individualism, and love.

2004 3rd Party Field

SolutionErik Fortman | 2004-10-15 - Who are the 3rd Party candidates, excepting Nader, for 2004? The saddest part of the whole rape of the presidential election by Bush, Kerry, and Nader is that we have a very exciting 3rd Party field this year. These are the major candidates.

Anarchism = Freedom

AnarchyErik Fortman | 2004-10-12 - Anarchists have three basic tenets. These are liberty, equality, and solidarity. Liberty is the only way one can develop individuality. Liberty is self-explanatory, and it is the only way for individuality to fully flower. Equality means that all people are equal in the eyes of the law.

Governmental Necessity: The Consent of the Governed

Consent of the GovernedErik Fortman | 2004-09-30 - Government encroaches itself upon individual sovereignty. That is natural. It is also natural for the collective to reach a breaking point. This is why propaganda and mind control is so very, very important to the Illuminati. Can you imagine what would happen if, say even, 15% of the people of America refused to consent to submission? That would be 45 million malcontents.

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