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America: After the Coup

CoupErik Fortman | 2005-02-21 - The following is a broad brushstroke design, and only meant for the consumption of those who dream to be free. There will be many arguments, which are always valuable. Perhaps if I can help guide our mindset in a positive fashion, in the slightest way, I can do my little part for humanity and for the formerly great United States of America. Can we become what I describe below? I can imagine it. If enough people imagine, doesn't it become reality?

Manipulating Matter: The Scientific Dictatorship as a Project in the Reconfiguration of Reality

Manipulating MatterPhillip D. Collins | 2005-02-15 - In the article entitled "The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship", we examined the transmogrification of the elite's religious power structure into a technocratic oligarchy legitimized predominantly by science. The history and background of this "scientific dictatorship" is a conspiracy, created and micro-managed by the historical tide of Darwinism, which has its foundations in Freemasonry. In this article, we shall examine the "scientific dictatorship" as an enormous project in the re-sculpting of reality itself.

Pipes Down

Pipes ChamishBarry Chamish | 2005-02-13 - How do I know I'm getting to the heart of any matter? I just wait for the reaction of Daniel Pipes of the Council On Foreign Relations. Up till now he has employed two minor-leaguers, one from Israel, one from Switzerland, to conceal his very high-level campaign against my truth exposures. Now he has upped the stakes, bringing in far better known people from The Boston Globe and Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

What You Didn't Know About Vaccines & Human Animal Husbandry

VaccinesMark Owen | 2005-02-12 - In 1946, future pharmaceutical czar George Merck reported to the US Secretary of War, that he’d managed to weaponize the toxin extracted from the Brucella bacterium and to isolate it into an indestructible crystalline form using only the DNA particles.

Aerial spraying of the crystals via chemtrails was deployed on Chinese and Korean populations during the Korean War. Many veterans of the war later developed Multiple Sclerosis.

Ruminations For Adir Zik

Adir ZikBarry Chamish | 2005-02-09 - My personal loss can only be matched by that of the rest of the country which lost a giant. He may turn out to be the last of a breed: an honest, Israeli crusader for the truth.

Adir Zik showed no mercy to those involved in the Rabin murder or the incitements that led to it and continue to this day, justified now by the Gush Katif withdrawal. He gathered his proofs and publicly accused the likes of Carmi Gillon, Hezi Kalo, Shimon Peres, Yoram Rubin, Avishai Raviv, Eli Barak et al of framing and jailing innocents and of organizing the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.

Fiction as a Precursor to Fact: Sci-fi 'Predictive Programming' and the Emergent World Religion

Predictive ProgrammingPhillip D. Collins | 2005-02-06 - The new Mason was no longer an architect of freestone. Instead, he was an architect of the technocratic Utopia mandated by Bacon's New Atlantis. His god was Man himself, an emergent deity sculpted by the Kabbalistic golem of nature through the occult process of "becoming." Of course, this concept would later be disseminated on the popular level as Darwinism and the world would call it "evolution."

What You Didn't Know About the Dollar & Iraq

IraqMark Owen | 2005-02-02 - The Federal Reserve is a system of private banks separate and distinct from the U.S. government. This banking system was originally conceived by John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. The FED, as it is known, is listed in the white pages along with Federal Express, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and other businesses. The bank produces Federal Reserve Notes. They use these notes/dollars to purchase government bonds. These notes are a fiat currency. Historically, all fiat currencies eventually crash due to hyperinflation from over-issuance.

Gideon To Raful's Rescue

Raful's RescueBarry Chamish | 2005-02-02 - My new lecture, The Secret War Against The Settlers, played well last week in four Yesha villages. I begin the lecture by presenting two blown-up, laminated photos of the suspicious circumstances surrounding last month's death of Raphael "Raful" Eitan. For those unfamiliar with the issue, have a look first at my website, then read an overview: Rafael "Raful" Eitan, former Israeli army chief, was murdered.

Neoconservativism: The Cult of Techno-Socialism

Techno-SocialismPaul and Phillip Collins | 2005-02-01 - The actions taken by the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9-11 have caused muckrakers from across the political spectrum to take a closer look at the hidden hand guiding the current President. Researchers, both left and right, have identified the same enemy: a faction of the elite known as neoconservatives. The exposure has led to mounting opposition against the neoconservative agenda from numerous grassroots activists.

The Round Table Group: Googling the Elite's Who's Who

Round Table GroupTerry Melanson | 2005-01-27 - Whenever I come across an unfamiliar name during my continuous searches across cyberspace, I always apply a test that allows me to gauge quickly whether I should investigate this person further. If the individual is affiliated with any of the Round Table Groups - the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Club of Rome - you can be sure that they are in the top echelon of the international elite. The greater the number of affiliations and/or card-carrying memberships, the greater the power. This is an incontrovertible fact, conveniently omitted by the journalists and historians of officialdom.

What You Didn't Know About Taxes & The 'Crown'

The CityMark Owen | 2005-01-27 - There are two Crowns operant in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II. Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her marching orders through their control of the English Parliament. This other Crown is comprised of a committee of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England (House of Rothschild). They rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state know as The City of London, or simply 'The City.'

Born In Captivity, Living Under Occupation

28th Regiment FlagErik Fortman | 2005-01-25 - My name is Erik Fortman. I was born in captivity, under a foreign government. Today, my country is still occupied. I am a slave, living under an oppressive regime that invaded us, making our Confederacy a permanent colony in 1865. The Reconstruction Acts secured my status as a lifelong indentured servant, making my people corporate property under the illegal United States Government.

Natan The Liar

Natan SharanskyBarry Chamish | 2005-01-24 - On Jan. 20, Dr. Nudelman met me at my home for an intense interview. He also gave me his book on Sharansky and a thick stack of evidence which left me convinced of the veracity of his claims. I warn my readers that you will find the following report discouraging. However, I have long warned that the leadership of the Jewish people has been thoroughly infiltrated by frauds and criminals claiming they are working on our behalf. That Sharansky is just another crook serving ugly interests should not come as that much of a surprise.

The Ghost of George A. Carver is Haunting Bush 43

George A. CarverJoseph E. Fasciani | 2005-01-22 - A lifetime student of the Mid-East, Dr Carver knew its histories and cultures well. The unending complexities of the area are difficult for even the best-motivated students and researchers, but to Bush 43, these facts are merely annoying insects, to ignore or eradicate in one's drive to the East.

Stanley Fischer - A Monster In The Bank Of Israel

Stanley FischerBarry Chamish | 2005-01-15 - Dr. Fischer arrives in Israel from his positions of Vice-Chairman of Citigroup, the money launderer of choice of the PLO in America, and Chief Economist of The International Monetary Fund (IMF). It goes without saying that he is also a prominent member of the Bilderberg Group and the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR).

Engineering Evolution: The Alchemy of Eugenics

Engineering EvolutionPhillip D. Collins | 2005-01-10 - In the dark past of human civilization, the ruling class controlled humanity largely through religious institutions and mysticism. However, the turn of the century witnessed the epistemic transformation of the elite's religious power structure into a "scientific dictatorship." The history and background of this "scientific dictatorship" is a conspiracy, created and micro-managed through the historical tide of Darwinism, which has its foundations in Freemasonry. In this article, we shall examine the evolutionary alchemy of eugenics, from Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood to William Sims Bainbridge's Transhumanism.

Very Uncivil Obedience

Pinchas WallersteinBarry Chamish | 2005-01-07 - It is the evening of Jan. 5. Pinchas Wallerstein's program for civil disobedience to fight the dismemberment of Israel is in its fourth day. While no one cares, his protesters are freezing in rain-soaked tents opposite the Knesset.

Today's Murder For Peace - David Weiner

Barry ChamishBarry Chamish | 2005-01-04 - Thursday, Dec. 30/04, I gave a lecture in Jerusalem about the murders of Raful Eitan and Judge Adi Azar. The next night, the attorney for the government's chief suspect in the Azar murder, David Weiner, is shot in the head in his home. A note was found by the body stating that Weiner wanted to prove he was being honest in his handling of the Azar case.

The Semiotic Deception of September 11th

Semiotic DeceptionPhillip D. Collins | 2004-12-31 - Replete with esoteric symbols, conspiracy research certainly warrants semiotic examination. Although fraught with historical flaws and theological distortions, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown acknowledges the value of semiotics in studying the conspiratorial world. In fact, the novel’s central character is a semiotician specializing in symbology. Evidently, Brown recognized the potential of semiotics in analyzing the coded messages of cabals occupying history’s darker corners. September 11th is one such corner that is worth semiotic analysis.

Some Paine-ful Common Sense

Tom PaineErik Fortman | 2004-12-29 - Most U.S. Americans will recall the title of the Revolutionary War tract written by Thomas Paine called “Common Sense”. What many do not remember is the content of this very important, very honest account of life as seen by one of our Great Patriots. “Common Sense” is no longer in the synopsis of most public school curricula these days, either; the reason is obvious. Thomas Paine was nothing less than a pseudo-anarchist, which all men of complete logic tend to become. As a document that helped define the belief system of a nation, it would behoove us to reexamine Paine’s writings, and reap rewards from its wisdom.

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