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Shaul Rotem, General Manager of Ashdod Port to be Investigated

Barry InterviewedBarry Chamish | 2004-12-23 - My claim that Raful Eitan was murdered made the rounds of the top echelons of the Israeli media this week. It began when a junior reporter for Yediot Ahronot, a charming lady named Tal, called me to arrange an interview with a very senior reporter, Chaim Meltzer. I felt the meeting went well, but the media establishment has trained its reporters in the fine points of double-facedness. Friendly interviews invariably turn into vicious articles.

Building a Dialectic: When the borders close, it's over

Mexico BorderErik Fortman | 2004-12-19 - As insurgents slowly rip away at the grunt-fabric of the U.S. military, and as America continues to bomb anything that moves, and as Europe cringes with each punch and counterpunch, the U.S. Government is quietly legislating the destruction of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the very essence of our diverse, conflicted, yet victorious in the face of dire odds, country. The final piece of the puzzle will be exactly what we ask for. In the end, the U.S. will shut her borders, not from immigrants and diplomats, but from its own citizenry leaving to a freer outside.

The Final Infiltration To The Jewish Problem

Harold Pratt HouseBarry Chamish | 2004-12-09 - The last holdout of Jewish morality, our religion, has been taken over by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). The two leading New York rabbinical colleges, Yeshiva University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, are now in the hands of the worst enemies of Judaism, indeed of mankind. In the future, the majority of America's rabbis will be thoroughly inculcated in the globalist vision of the New World Order Sabbataians. And this dreadful vision has already spread to Jerusalem.

Raful Reaction Radio

Gonen SegevBarry Chamish | 2004-12-03 - Gonen Segev was one of eight members of the Knesset for Eitan's Tsomet Party. He was one of two who bolted to the Rabin government in 1993, in order to give it a Jewish majority in favor of the Oslo "peace" Accord. Last April, Segev was caught trying to smuggle 30,000 Ecstasy tablets into Israel. He has subsequently been charged with credit card fraud as well.

Murder Of Rafael 'Raful' Eitan Proven

Eitans's CarBarry Chamish | 2004-11-25 - Beyond any shadow of any doubt, Raful Eitan did not die while carried off by a wave as he was standing on a breakwater at Ashdod port. We have been lied to and maybe this time, we have enough to get this political murder honestly investigated.

Make It Two for the Road, God, and Make It Soon!

TriumvirateJoseph E. Fasciani | 2004-11-17 - Unfortunately for the rest of the world as well as us, the same Triumvirate that destroyed ancient Israel now sustains our national delusions: self-imposed blindness, a refusal to listen to or hear others, and a stiff-necked pride. Self-destructive arrogance has destroyed other nations and empires before ours, and it will again. No matter how official or dedicated, an error remains an error, and its deficits always bring defeat. What the founders of the United States most feared--that too much power invested in too few people would bring disaster--is now instituted and fully operational.

Dear Reader, How Much Proof Do You Need?

David RockefellerTerry Melanson | 2004-11-15 - On a few occasions I have been compelled to write something based solely upon an email I received regarding my site. Sometimes it was after I was made aware of additional information related to my research. Other times it was criticism that I felt needed a larger response than a simple email reply directed at a single individual. This is one of those times.

The Last Rabin Convention

Yitzhak RabinBarry Chamish | 2004-11-09 - Monday, Nov. 1 - I am selling my books at a gathering in Jerusalem. A friend of my Miami film producer Peter Goldman meets me. He has some amazing information. His friend is an Ichilov Hospital nurse, responsible for keeping hospital records. She was on duty when Rabin was brought in for the last time.

World Government Fronts, Psycho-social Change Agents

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelTerry Melanson | 2004-11-05 - An octopus of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Tax-Exempt Foundations, Think Tanks, Multinational Corporations and the Media Establishment practice the subtle science of persuasion. In the last two hundred years there isn't a single area of society that hasn't been influenced by facilitators of transformation education. For complete control of the masses a dictatorship is not necessary, although it does expedite the process. The collective moulding begins early in life, sustained and refined throughout one's formal education; a universal curriculum of manipulation can transform and achieve a complete paradigm shift for a whole generation.

The Impending Joyous Passing Of Yasir Arafat

Yasir ArafatBarry Chamish | 2004-11-03 - ... believe it or not, Arafat and I agree on some pretty salient points. Recall that he claimed the murder of Rehavam Zeevi was not his doing, and that the order came from Damascus. That was my conclusion. We just differ on the motive. Zeevi threatened to expose Shimon Peres to the nation. Peres used his French intelligence contacts to arrange the hit through their organization, the PFLP, headquartered in Damascus.

A Mandate for War

Electoral VotesErik Fortman | 2004-11-03 - Well, it looks like this dumb, ol’ redneck, pothead musician from Texas can cut to the chase faster than most Ivy League political pundits, who were more than not calling Kerry throughout. Today, they’re still talking about college students’ cell phones, when they should be talking about the pure inanity of Kerry for not conceding like a gentleman. (It is 10:30AM Central, Nov. 3, 2004. Kerry just conceded.) Bush has won. Now, maybe people don’t agree with my antagonistic, agnostic anarchism - yet I see clearly.

Reactions To The New Book

Sabbatai SeviBarry Chamish | 2004-10-26 - It had been three years since Save Israel!, my last book. I had forgotten the immediate reaction that comes with a new publication. It has only been two weeks since my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, has been in the hands of people, and look at the reader reaction already!

Bill O'Reilly: Illuminati Disinformation Agent

Bill O'Reilly: Illuminati Disinfo AgentErik Fortman | 2004-10-26 - Bill O’Reilly has the most popular and most powerful fluff-news program in the country. His show, The O’Reilly Factor, dubbing itself the “no-spin zone,” is nothing less than Illuminati stage-show.

Ayn Rand: 'Anthem' joins 1984/Brave New World Pantheon

AnthemErik Fortman | 2004-10-21 - In this article, Ayn Rand’s book, the classic manuscript “Anthem”, will be discussed. It is a beginner’s guide to understanding the complete flaw that is collectivism. Conversely, this book extols the virtue of individualism, and love.

The Sabbataian Gaza Agenda

Sabbatean ProphetsBarry Chamish | 2004-10-15 - The proclamation from Gaza was issued not by a leader of Hamas, but rather by the 17th-century Jewish kabbalist Nathan of Gaza, who in 1665 became the major prophet of the infamous false messiah from Izmir, Shabbetai Zevi. The proclamation's rebuke was not part of Ariel Sharon's argument for evacuating Jewish settlers from Gaza, but of a ruling by Rabbi Jacob Sasportas, the most outspoken and tireless opponent of the Sabbatean messianic outbreak.

2004 3rd Party Field

SolutionErik Fortman | 2004-10-15 - Who are the 3rd Party candidates, excepting Nader, for 2004? The saddest part of the whole rape of the presidential election by Bush, Kerry, and Nader is that we have a very exciting 3rd Party field this year. These are the major candidates.

Anarchism = Freedom

AnarchyErik Fortman | 2004-10-12 - Anarchists have three basic tenets. These are liberty, equality, and solidarity. Liberty is the only way one can develop individuality. Liberty is self-explanatory, and it is the only way for individuality to fully flower. Equality means that all people are equal in the eyes of the law.

In The Beginning There Was Hebrew University

Barry ChamishBarry Chamish | 2004-09-30 - By October 1996 I knew that Yigal Amir wasn't the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin. There wasn't all that much evidence to back the claim, but what existed was conclusive. We had the assassination film showing Rabin walking upright after Amir's shots. There were the police lab results proving Rabin was shot point blank, which the film showed, Amir could not have done. And we had a witness who told us what happened.

Governmental Necessity: The Consent of the Governed

Consent of the GovernedErik Fortman | 2004-09-30 - Government encroaches itself upon individual sovereignty. That is natural. It is also natural for the collective to reach a breaking point. This is why propaganda and mind control is so very, very important to the Illuminati. Can you imagine what would happen if, say even, 15% of the people of America refused to consent to submission? That would be 45 million malcontents.

Democracy = Death

DeathErik Fortman | 2004-09-30 - Why do Americans not listen to the fathers that gave them greatness? Democracy is a means of control, and our masters have utilized it well. So well, in fact, that elite, aristocratic, frat/cult brothers, and blood cousins are now both gun and bullet, one running with a D in front of his name, the other an R.

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