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Blackmailed by the Bomb: Nuclear Anxiety and the Cult of the Superweapon

KhanPaul and Phillip Collins | 2009-10-18 - Under the aegis of a transnational coalition between the Saudi elite and the American elite, the Khan network would become a major supplier of weapons equipment to Iran, Libya, Malaysia, and North Korea. In summation, the nuclear proliferation witnessed during the late 20th century and the early 21st century was no accidental occurrence. Ultimately, it was by design.

When Malthusians Become Messiahs

Ecoscience and Population BombPhillip D. Collins | 2009-08-27 - Rockefeller's messianic portrayal of Holdren underscores the power elite's disturbing preoccupation with population control.

Silencing the Saber-Rattling: How the American Empire Threatens the Potential Iranian Counter-Revolution

mekPaul David Collins | 2009-07-04 - John Loftus proved to be a treasure chest of information over the Middle East during an interview with this writer on March 21, 2009. In little over an hour, the former Justice Department prosecutor and former Army intelligence officer addressed the issues of postwar Nazi activity, the September 11 attacks, and fanaticism in the Arab world. The most fascinating information Loftus shared, however, concerns Iran.

Survival of the Richest: Obama's Corporate Stimulus Package

Paul and Phillip Collins | 2009-06-24 - Just how many other states have used stimulus dollars to curry favor with corporations? If this is the case, corporate interests stand to become the chief beneficiaries of the federal stimulus program. If stimulus money is being used by states to court corporations, then taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize the relocation of already existing jobs. Such a state of affairs hardly fosters economic growth. Infrastructure is not being built, just displaced. Meanwhile, the fiscal stimulus, which is constituted by taxpayer dollars, only stimulates Big Business. In this sense, the Obama Administration's economic recovery plan could actually be nothing more than the conduit for an enormous wealth transferral to corporate interests. Simultaneously, the economic recovery plan could be fostering a social Darwinian climate where states must use stimulus funds as weapons in a struggle for economic survival.

The Faustian Face of Modern Science: Understanding the Epistemological Foundations of Scientific Totalitarianism

liberty 1763Phillip D. Collins | 2009-06-11 - Scientific totalitarianism is certainly not a new topic in the halls of political science and history. Given its bloody legacy of democide (i.e., state-sanctioned genocide, mass murder, and politicide) and its prolific spread throughout the world, scientific totalitarianism remains a preoccupying sociopolitical phenomenon of the 20th century. Yet, few researchers have examined the epistemological foundations of scientific totalitarianism. In turn, an understanding of scientific totalitarianism's epistemological roots elucidates an occult conception of science, which edified the sundry Weltanschauungs of sociopolitical Utopians (e.g., socialists of either the communist or fascist ilk). In light of this core epistemological commonality, all forms of sociopolitical Utopianism could be considered the manifestations of a trans-historical occult counterculture movement.

War in the Heavens

Moon BasePaul David Collins | 2009-05-31 - Cook's own observations since leaving NASA have led him to conclude that the space militarization agenda has continued on to the present day. The agenda saw a temporary setback during the Clinton Administration when use of the Shuttle for military missions was discontinued. But the George W. Administration saw the return of militarization efforts. This time, according to Cook, the effort is being carried out under the pretext of colonizing the moon.

Seizing Power and Property

Rumsfeld SaddamDeanna Spingola | 2009-05-31 - Individuals cannot transfer rights or powers they do not inherently possess to an artificial government entity. One cannot bestow a right or privilege that one does not possess - those powers that each and every person possessed prior to the establishment of said government. Individuals may not legally plunder the property or resources of others, kill people, impose moral sanctions, or a plethora of other regulations, public and private extortions that governments regularly engage in.

Bilderberg Attendees: Vouliagmeni, Greece, 14-17 May 2009 (Final list of Participants)

Bilderberg Group FaxTerry Melanson | 2009-05-23 - Official list of 2009 Bilderberg participants in html/table format with real-time sorting.

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Five: Secession Fever

Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War part 5Paul and Phillip Collins | 2009-05-21 - Activists on the American political landscape fear their government might consider them the enemy. Their concern isn't driven by paranoia and baseless conspiracy theory. A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Intelligence Assessment entitled "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment" is the reason for the fear. The assessment essentially lumps immigration reformists, Christians, pro-lifers, Second Amendment proponents, opponents of globalism, and even veterans into the category of potential terrorists.

Owl of Wisdom: Illuminati, Bohemian Club, Schlaraffia, James Gordon Bennett Jr.

Minerval SealTerry Melanson | 2009-03-08 - Pallas Athene (or Minerva to the Romans), the goddess of wisdom, honored the owl as her sacred bird. The owl was recognized as an emblem of penetrating sight and intelligence. It was considered to be a favorable omen if an owl was spotted on the battle field or at times of crisis. The Athenian silver tetradrachm bore the owl (Athene noctua); and owls were protected and thrived in great numbers at the Acropolis of Athens (a temple dedicated to Athena).

Bailouts, Stimulus Packages or Redistribution of Assets? Part Two of Two

Eagle sculptor for Houston FedDeanna Spingola | 2009-02-24 - Unconstrained, the bankers have financed all of the profit-producing, declared and undeclared wars.

Bailouts, Stimulus Packages or Redistribution of Assets? Part One of Two

Roosevelt in masonic regaliaDeanna Spingola | 2009-02-20 - To establish a world government, it is necessary to incrementally eradicate the constitution, bring the U.S. to her knees economically, and shackle the taxpayers to perpetual debt through bailouts and stimulus packages funded by printing billions of dollars of interest and debt-bearing Federal Reserve Notes to drastically devalue the currency in circulation thus impoverishing the taxpayers. The only benefactors are the extant banks, certain corporations and the individuals who concocted the financial disaster.

Expediting the Grand Jihad Part Two: Engaging the Muslim Brotherhood

MattsonPaul and Phillip Collins | 2009-01-19 - For many, the January 20 Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama is reason for celebration. Obama supporters everywhere believe that the event represents the introduction of the solution to America's deepening crisis. It would break not a few hearts, however, if it was revealed that the enemies of America are going to be in attendance. According to a January 14 Associated Press article, a prayer will be offered at the inauguration by Ingrid Mattson, the first woman president of America's largest Muslim group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). While many Americans may believe that this prayer offering represents a celebration of religious pluralism, the hidden message behind this display, which is only discernible to the power elite and the most astute observer, is that members of the Establishment will continue their torrent love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Expediting the Grand Jihad: Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood/Obama connection diagramPaul and Phillip Collins | 2009-01-11 - Why would Hamas support an Obama presidency? The answer may lie in a group known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Floodgates Open Wide: Obama and our Eugenical Future

Obama - Eugenics - UNFPAPaul and Phillip Collins | 2008-12-31 - During his November 4, 2008 presidential acceptance speech, Barack Obama declared: "[C]hange has come to America." Yet, Obama neglected to mention that not all of the changes in store for America, or the world in general, are positive. One of the more sinister changes the Obama Administration intends to introduce is a revival of eugenical regimentation.

The Power Elite Playbook, Controlled Conflict and Staged Incompetence Part 20

Stimson, Truan, A-BombDeanna Spingola | 2008-12-29 - The war conspirators included a Standard Oil attorney, Henry L. Stimson (Skull & Bones), who was a Thomas Lamont ally, and partner with Elihu Root in a law firm on Wall Street, the nucleus of the powerful American Establishment. Following Washington's proverbial revolving door collusion strategy between corporate oligarchies and government, Stimson held the following strategic positions: civilian Secretary of War under fellow Skull and Bonesman Taft (1908-1912), Governor General of the Philippines (1926-1928), Secretary of State under Hoover (1929-1933) and civilian Secretary of War under Roosevelt and Truman (1940- 1946), where he managed the drafting and training of 12 million soldiers and airmen, and directed the purchase of 30 percent of the nations industrial output to the battlefield. He was responsible for the internment and subsequent property seizure of thousands of Japanese-American citizens.

The Power Elite Playbook, Establishing Precedents Part 19

Presentation of the Filipino FlagDeanna Spingola | 2008-12-14 - The exploitation of the Philippine Islands' vast mineral reserves, so strongly encouraged by President McKinley, gave one particular American Expeditionary soldier, First Lieutenant John William Haussermann (1867-1965, discharged September 1, 1899), an Ohio-born attorney from Leavenworth, Kansas, a (literally) golden opportunity. Since Philippine law didn't recognize the American entity known as a "corporation," the U.S. Congress passed a law on July 1, 1902 which enabled Haussermann, then city attorney for Manila, to organize a corporation on June 1903, which became known as the Benguet Consolidated Mining Company by 1906.3 In 1927, Benguet bought out its competitor, Balatoc Mining, giving it 80% of the Philippine gold industry. Philippine gold made Haussermann "the Gold King" and his associates a massive fortune which would later be selectively shared with influential political puppets like General Douglas MacArthur, who comfortably identified with the Philippine oligarchy.

The Power Elite Playbook, Corporate Generals Part 18

'Kill all over ten'Deanna Spingola | 2008-12-03 - Coincidentally or not, at about the same time that the international bankers were promoting and funding Japan's war-hawk behavior under Emperor Meiji (Hirohito's grandfather) against Korea, China and Manchuria, banker-backed U.S. imperialists were looking for ways to seize productive land and control in Cuba (achieved by the Platt Amendment on March 2, 1901), banish the Spanish and expand into the resource-rich Philippines.

Automated Opposition: The Technocratic Undercurrent of Zeitgeist: Addendum

Jacque Fresco; Technocracy; ZeitgeistPaul and Phillip Collins | 2008-12-01 - Zeitgeist: Addendum either intentionally or unwittingly fails to recognize the problems for what they are: contrived grievances employed as polar extremes to perpetuate a dialectical climate. Instead, Zeitgeist: Addendum portrays the problems as the natural outgrowths of America's constitutional republican system, thereby vilifying representative democracy and enshrining the technocratic paradigm. The film's ultimate solution is little more than a Hegelian synthesis, as is evidenced by the dialectical commonalities between the Venus Project and the globalist forces that it purportedly opposes.

The Power Elite Playbook, Fascism and False Flags = War Part 17

Marco Polo BridgeDeanna Spingola | 2008-11-24 - On July 7, 1937 there was another false flag attack at the Marco Polo Bridge, outside of Peking. This incident, similar to the Mukden Incident, escalated into a Japanese invasion of China which allegedly would be over in three months.

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