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America, Inc.: Land of Corporate Reign

Corporate ReignPhillip D. Collins | 2008-07-11 - Benito Mussolini said, "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

This model of economic fascism was adopted by Germany and Italy in the 1930s. And, I submit to you that such a marriage between the state and corporate power has taken place here in the United States.

Booz, Allen & Hamilton: the Army's Accomplice in Southeast Colorado

Booz, Allen & HamiltonDeanna Spingola | 2008-07-11 - Booz, Allen & Hamilton (hereafter Booz Allen), a privately held corporation owned by about 300 senior executives, is the Army's accomplice in their attempted private property seizure in southeast Colorado. Their expertise, they declare, is strategy and public sector mission effectiveness.

Booz Allen contracted with the Army for $500,000 to maneuver the ranchers out of their property rights. Skillful facilitators (provocateurs), despite their friendly demeanor, very likely use an advanced version of the deceptive Delphi Method, mind-games developed by the U.S. Air Force's RAND Project, financed by the Ford Foundation. Project RAND became the "premier think tank" and "purveyor of American imperialism" and facilitated the Cold War façade. Their activities contributed to the exponential growth of the military-industrial complex. RAND encouraged numerous U.S.-backed military dictatorships in third world countries.

Agenda-Driven Response: HAARP and the Army's Land-Grab in Colorado

Weird WeatherDeanna Spingola | 2008-06-22 - Unfortunately, despite the government's responsibility to protect citizen's rights, it is blatantly obvious that the government is following an alternative, deliberately destructive agenda including: rural cleansing of the resource-producing population, economic destabilization, runaway inflation, unrestrained immigration, illegal surveillance, the NAU, deteriorating infrastructure, ethnic disparity, de-population through war, disease, toxicity, and chemtrails.

Monetary Reform: The Only Cure for the Hidden Tax

Monetary ReformPhillip D. Collins | 2008-06-18 - Whenever federal spending becomes exorbitant and directly taxing the American people is not an option, the federal government calls upon the Federal Reserve for help. In turn, the Federal Reserve creates money ex nihilo. That's right. The Fed literally generates liquidity out of nothing.

The Political Cartel Of Republicrats and Democrats

Republicrats and Democrats Phillip D. Collins | 2008-06-18 - With the presidential elections steadily approaching, a question is being asked with increasing frequency: Who are you voting for? Personally, this questions aggravates me. Why? Because it is framed within a distinctly Hegelian framework.

Politicians: Corporate Courtesans

Corporate CourtesansDeanna Spingola | 2008-06-04 - George W. Bush has done to America what he did to Texas! Bush is another politician on a serial list of corporate courtesans. Clinton preceded him. Who will follow him?

U.S. Military Targets Southeast Colorado Part 3

Military Targets Southeast ColoradoDeanna Spingola | 2008-05-28 - Private property rights, via numerous tactics, have been abused, altered and are in the process of being abolished (the first plank of the Communist Manifesto). The U.S. Constitution, a protective document, has been surreptitiously supplanted by the U.N. Charter, the vehicle to global governance - the real objective of the dismantling of the middle-class through property, job and lifestyle seizure.

Their Kingdom Come: Dominionism's Quest for Political Capital in the Emergent World Order

DominionismPaul and Phillip Collins | 2008-05-18 - As is the case with all Hegelian dialectics, the dialectic extremes of abdication theology and Dominionist theology produce the same outcome: totalitarianism. The abdication theologian surrenders to totalitarianism, whereas the Dominionist actively creates totalitarianism. Basically, Dominionism is a cult of neo-Gnostic jihadists committed to goals that almost mirror the objectives of earlier sociopolitical Utopians.

U.S. Military Targets Southeast Colorado Part 2

Military TargetsDeanna Spingola | 2008-05-12 - Foundations have no voters, no clientele, and no investors. They enable the elite to reshape civilization using billions of tax-exempt dollars. Congressman Cox's investigation, starting in 1952, failed as most of the witnesses were "officers and trustees of large foundations" and their associates. Cox unexpectedly fell "gravely ill during the investigation and died before a report could be filed." The Reece Committee, facing obstacle after obstacle, resumed the investigation with Norman Dodd as research director. Almost immediately, instructions from a complicit "White House" to "kill the committee" ended all inquiries.

U.S. Military Targets Southeast Colorado Part 1 of 3

Pinon CanyonDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-24 - Property seizures in other countries are considered totalitarian. When they occur at the hands of the corporate-controlled U.S. government they are apparently condoned and even facilitated by the courts whose job it is to reign in this kind of abuse. The monopoly media, including "conservative" talk radio, is an information filtering system masquerading as "news." They habitually conceal government land grabs and other privatization schemes like the current controversy in southeastern Colorado.

The Power Elite Playbook, Oil War One, 1914-1918 Part 13

Oil WarDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-21 - Like today, propaganda was rampant! The Times of London declared that "four-fifths" of the Lusitania's passengers were U.S. citizens instead of the actual proportion. That fabrication was calculated to ignite American outrage. Additionally, the British produced and circulated a medal purportedly created by the Germans which they claimed had been presented to the submarine crew for their actions. A French newspaper published a photo taken much earlier, under different circumstances, of German crowds supposedly "rejoicing" over the news about the sunken Lusitania.

The Power Elite Playbook, Beating the Oil War Drums Part 12

Oil War DrumsDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-17 - During the first few years, Britain "extracted millions of barrels of oil in Iran," treated thousands of indigenous workers like slaves, "established a network of filling stations throughout the United Kingdom and sold oil to countries across Europe and as far away as Australia." Britain, experts at imperial exploitation, all but drained the life's blood out of that desert land. The company has been known by various names: Anglo-Iranian, British Petroleum, or just BP (merged with Standard Oil)

The Power Elite Playbook, Recruiting Willing Puppets Part 11

Willing PuppetsDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-14 - An examination of unrevised history, through elective reading, provides ample evidence of the long-term diabolical deeds of America's ruling class. Alternative information exists despite their dedicated efforts to control information through compulsory education and the "free" press.

Human Compromise

Human CompromisePaul David Collins | 2008-04-10 - When the Spitzer scandal broke out, the first person this author thought to call was retired New York Police Detective James "Jim" Rothstein. Jim is a legend. As a cop, Jim took on organized pedophile rings, arrested Watergate burglar and CIA operative Frank Sturgis, and testified before the New York State Select Committee on Crime. Jim knows all about sexual blackmail operations, which he refers to as "human compromise". To Jim, the Spitzer scandal was a perfect example of "human compromise". "It's like déjà vu," said Rothstein (ibid). And to Rothstein, GOP operative Roger Stone was the key to the compromising of Spitzer.

The Power Elite Playbook, Government by Gunpoint Part 10

Government by GunpointDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-08 - America's long-term foreign policy, including passive and/or aggressive regime change, is driven by corporate greed. ...Though foreign interventions became even more frequent after the creation of the CIA, they began over a century ago.

Listen Up, Eye Rollers! - Part 2 of 2

Listen UpDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-04 - Highly profitable corporate broadcasters, through government complicity, and with the protection of the court, have seized the public airways and erroneously, but conveniently, shield themselves with the First Amendment. Well-compensated, often arrogant and belligerent, persuasive "pundits," without impunity, feign sincerity, propagate the party line and increase profits for their corporate employers. Contrary to the myth, they are not government watchdogs.

The Power Elite Playbook, Viet Nam - Plundered Part 9

PlunderedDeanna Spingola | 2008-04-02 - [...] the U.S. wanted to build a military base at strategic Cam Ranh Bay, great for aerial surveillance of South Vietnam's coastal waters. That did it - Diem and his brother Nhu were assassinated on November 1, 1963 on the instructions of W. Averell Harriman. The airfield at Cam Ranh Bay was opened on November 1, 1965.

Deep Oil, Deep Politics

Deep Oil, Deep PoliticsPaul David Collins | 2008-04-02 - The picture of Chavez, Correa, and Ortega as populist heroes is one that has been painted by left-wing romantics with no grip on reality. However, these countries have become a severe threat to Western factions of the global oligarchical establishment. ... They have become competitors who refuse to be sidelined and refuse to be subordinates in the emerging world government. They are now targets.

The Deep Politics of God Revisited

Deep PoliticsPaul David Collins | 2008-03-31 - Some crime scenes are so grisly and gruesome that they beggar description. One such scene was discovered on March 4th, 1998 by a young teacher at the residence of Father Alfred Kunz. Father Kunz was discovered face down in a pool of his own blood with his throat cut. While the culprit was never found, there is a body of evidence that suggests Satanism was involved in the murder.

Listen Up, Eye Rollers! Part 1 of 2

Eye RollersDeanna Spingola | 2007-12-20 - People who rely on broadcast media and/or government education to formulate their perceptions often roll their eyes in exasperation and conspiracy-nut-contempt when exposed to reliable information that challenges their beliefs. For the majority, easy prey for predatory propagandists and history revisionists, the possibility that they have been blatantly deceived by their own government is unthinkable, despite the monstrous evidence of pandemic corruption. Denial is the proverbial mental comfort zone; it is an easy refuge. It requires nothing! Schopenhauer said: "All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident."

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