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Al-Sadr: Hussein (Noriega, Qaddafi, Ayatollah) of the Future

- by Erik Fortman ©, August 19th, 2004

Muqtada al-SadrLooking back on the protagonists of America’s past, clear patterns emerge. With that as the basis of this article, I would like to present to you Muqtada al-Sadr. He is currently in a fight for his life against the growing wrath of the U.S. war machine. His militia, a group that he would be allowed to have through the Second Amendment, is actually holding their own, taking down choppers and “ghosting” American soldiers, by engaging briefly, then fleeing into the night. This was done despite the fact that precision bombing is taking place on specific al-Sadr targets. Why has this rag-tag holy man, the equivalent of a Neo-Nazi minister, would be able take on the world’s only supposed super-power is beyond me. Or is it? What if, now that Bush I’s villains are being slain by Bush II, W. is replacing the patsies for Bush III, a future president in the form of Jeb or George P., Jeb’s son.

The Muqtada al-Sadr incident, if he doesn’t die in the next few weeks (and I don’t think he will), is disturbingly similar to prior enemies-cum-comrades, cum-enemies again. Take Saddam Hussein, for instance. Let us not forget that he was backed by the CIA, propped up by Neo-cons to fight the Shah of Iran (who was, incidentally, put in during the ‘50’s. Read Sherman Skolnick.) Then, he attacked Kuwait and became our enemy. Yet, our Iraqi envoy assured Saddam that the Kuwait exchange was not an American issue just prior to his invasion. Nevertheless, he became our enemy; we went to war and won; then we left him in power. Left him in power? Stormin’ Norman was for the eradication of Saddam during Gulf War I. Colin Powell was for leaving the dictator in power. Then, then-President G.H.W. Bush turned our back on the Kurds who were slaughtered for rising up against the government. Now, it is the Kurdish grave mantra om-ed by the new Bush administration.

So, how will Muqtada al-Sadr’s career go? At first, he was our tentative friend. It was al-Sadr who helped other clerics keep the peace, and give America a chance to show what she could do for the ravaged country. The Council on Foreign Relations has been proven to be an Illuminati vehicle. Even they agree that al-Sadr was against Saddam, and his high cleric father and uncle were both killed by Hussein. That explains why he and his militant Islamics allowed the U.S. to take down the tyrant of Iraq. Then they go unruly. Why? That is very simple, and the CFR admits the truth. Because of its anti-Americanism (something that could be said about thousands of zines, rags, and websites in America from the far left and far right fringes), al-Sadr’s newspaper was forced to stop publishing. So, let me get this. America wanted to take away a man and a movement’s first amendment right to free speech and press. Then, we get mad at him when he takes up arms. The next thing Bush has America do is ask Muqtada’s brigades to drop their arms and disband. After taking away their 1st Amendment right, granted by God, we are now trying to take away their 2nd Amendment right to defense, granted by God. Once we get those two, it will be easy to take away all the rest: freedom of religion, to a fair trial, from torture.

Ah, but recent developments are going on even as I write this on Tuesday, August 17, 2004. It seems that the big, bad American Army can’t take out a reported 10,000-man militia holed up in a graveyard. B.S. I’m telling you, he is going to be our bogeyman of the 2010’s. Fox News reported earlier today that “a delegation of Iraqis arrived in Najaf amid more violence Tuesday to try to help negotiate an end to a bloody Shiite uprising there.” Well, what do we expect them to do? We’ve taken away their ability to speak in a public forum, and we seek to take away their ability to protect themselves. Perhaps Michael Moore was lucid when he called al-Sadr a freedom fighter. What would you do if a foreign, non-Christian giant military came in and said you couldn’t talk bad about them, even when they sexually tortured people and took pictures of it? Would you give up your gun and rights, or would you band together with other Christians and try to defend yourselves? The answer is clear.

Back to the delegation: I believe that if not this diplomatic olive branch, some peace treaty will be procured. America will eventually leave. Al-Sadr, an admittedly backward, theocratic, fundamentalist, will then take over the country. Taliban II. An attack an our embassy, or heaven forbid, another attack on U.S. soil…it’s back to Iraq to take care of a crazy cleric who should be either 1. Dealt with today, or 2. Allowed to do what he wants as long as he doesn’t attack America. And, all that’s assuming we get out of Iraq and quit meddling in Arabic affairs. Perhaps then al-Sadr’s newspaper will find its own new bogeyman, instead of whipping a dead horse in the slowly decaying greatness that is now the United States.

This is my first definite attempt at conjecture. I could be proven wrong by evening. History proves that I have a reasonable chance of being correct, though. The U.S. never allows a democratically elected government to be installed after we meddle. That wouldn’t be good for “U.S.” interests. Our globalist masters had us prop up Hussein, Noriega, Qaddafi (our friend again, for now). Even Stalin was, in effect, allowed to rule by the globalists. We merely followed their orders, as we have ever since 1913. Whether it is South and Central America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East - America and England, prefer the dictatorial model. We did give Japan, South Korea, and half of German the democratic choice. But all of these merely balanced communism in whatever sector needed it.

Will Muqtada al-Sadr be the next Saddam Hussein? Most can’t see the future. But, I present to you a clear record of American involvement in engineering the rise of scum, usually through the CIA (and the School of the Americas). Look for the duel with his militia to end in diplomatic immunity, which I think I heard on Fox News on television. If al-Sadr comes out unscathed in the next week, remember his name. I believe we will hear from him again.

About an hour after writing this, al-Sadr announced that he was inviting the Pope to mediate the conflict. Now, if America actually allows true democratic elections, you can rest assured that Muqtada will have some thing to do with the new government. Here we go again.

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