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American Communism

- by Erik Fortman ©, July 2004

Karl MarxKarl Marx was very poetic, and very incorrect. Marx, in essence, believed the cause of most war and strife was class conflict. This is true. Marx went on to give ten basic tenets that, if implemented, would destroy caste systems. This would in turn make the need for chaos, and even politics, defunct. In reality, the world’s structure has always been under a more-or-less communistic form. This has led to dynastical hierarchies. America is presently a mildly Communistic State.

Is our “Democracy” actually a Communist government? For that, we will have to look to the very writings of Karl Mark in his “Communist Manifesto.” Many American boys have died in foreign lands to stave off the onslaught of the Red Armies. On the other hand, many of our leaders gave the Soviets and China their credibility. The fact is, the Dulles Brothers, Alger Hiss, even Eisenhower helped march us to the threshold of true Communism.

Let us not become emotional. It is simply a matter of taking the platforms of Communism and comparing them to the American counterpart. What does define Communism, if it can be summed up? G. Edward Griffin was one of the first to call the United Nations a Communist stronghold, and write about it. His seminal work concerning the first twenty years of the United Nations is a book entitled Fearful Master. It is must reading. Griffin writes, “The Communist Manifesto ... says, ‘The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence, ‘abolition of private property.’” That ends it, some might say. America has private property; therefore we are not Communists. Do we, in reality, have private property ownership in the United States? Let us see.

We are allowed to purchase real estate and homes. From the outset, though, it is a ridiculous operation. The truth is, most Americans will never own a home, and with good reason. Houses are priced out of the stratosphere. A small, two-bedroom home now costs approximately $100,000. Most people must take out a loan for this, the most important purchase they will ever make. Ironically, unlike any other industry standard, the interest on this loan must be paid up front. This means most people will pay a house off twice before they will begin to pay off the actual loan amount.

Many Americans don’t own their home until thirty years after they make the purchase. The ownership of this private property, however, is contingent upon a duty being paid to the government. The State claims that unless yearly ransom is paid upon land that is yours, you may not keep it. Additionally, these and other taxes are used to give away “private” property to those who can’t afford. Very communal. So ownership is based upon tribute payment, called land taxes.

James Bovard is the libertarianesque author of several books based on constitutional theory. In Lost Rights, he reminds us that, “Private property marks the boundary between the citizen and the State. The degree of respect the State shows for property rights will largely determine how much privacy, autonomy, and independence the citizen has.” Yet, the attitude of American Government toward private property is flippant, at best. There is taxation. Through RICO statutes, the State can and does confiscate property on the basis of a junky-snitch’s hearsay. Double jeopardy has been perpetuated, men being tried once in criminal court, and tried again by the State in civil court. Asset forfeiture is nothing more than a communistic doctrine whereby land is seized, many times despite of the fact that the victim has been found innocent, or charges dropped. Bovard adds, “Modern zoning laws presume that no citizen has a right to control his own land.” Without knowing a higher-up, or greasing a palm, zoning laws progressively march into the draconian. Regional governments have picked up on this. On June 30, 2004, King County Washington declared that they would make it illegal for landowners to do anything, anything, on 65% of their own land. Redistricting has developed new suburban ghettoes, and turned once-thriving cities into ghost towns. Declaring a home historic allows government to dictate its use and renovation. Another tool that the State uses to steal land is Wetland Zoning. While this is necessary to an extent, Bush Sr., in 1999, claimed that any land that had a mere 15 days rainfall a year was wetland. That has been further expanded today. Beautification acts forbid certain usages for certain private property. Eminent domain declares the State’s right of land over the citizen’s.

The first plank of Communism is the abolition of private property. Bovard concludes, “Government cannot control property without controlling people. Every extension of control over property means a decrease in citizens’ ability to rely on themselves and plan their own lives…We face a choice of private property or political subjugation.” Without doubt, America’s property rights are communal. Marx claimed the abolition of private property would end class warfare. In reality, without true property ownership, communal landholding has perpetuated class strife.

“A heavy graduated income tax” is also a sign of Communism. In America, the poor and the corporations receive welfare. The middle-class gives between 10% and 35% of their income. The rich pay 50% and more. Many are calling for even higher taxes. Michael Moore stated, on “The O’Reilly Factor,” that 70% would be a great tax for the rich. Through foundations, though, the rich have paid relatively little. Some have not paid a cent, including a Rockefeller and President Nixon. So, for the individual who has no ties to the State, there is a heavy graduated income tax.

The third edifice that Karl Marx builds to his unworkable ideology is “the abolition of the right to inheritance.” In America, what has been erected is the Death Tax. Woe to those who build up a small business or farm. When you die, the government will take as much as half or more of your life’s labor. Your children will not have a say in the matter. You will be dead.

The fourth article states that “emigrants and rebels” will have all real property taken from them. Today, we do this to alleged drug dealers, pimps, gangsters, thieves, tax protestors, and anyone else that can be scooped into the asset forfeiture net.

The fifth plank of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” is the complete monopolization of economics and money by a central bank. In America, that monopoly is the Federal Reserve. Prior to the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, America was one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Today, we are the largest debtor nation, with a monetary system that is in complete control of the private corporation, the Federal Reserve.

“Centralization of the means of communication and transportation into the hands of the state,” is the sixth platform of the “Communist Manifesto.” Communication control has been implemented on a global level. Associated Press controls American news. Reuters takes care of Europe. Etc. Etc. Every telephone is under strict guidelines imposed by the federal government. The American regime claims a de facto right to search anyone flying, including old ladies and the handicapped. We must have insurance, title, identification, driver’s license, auto registration, and vehicle inspection to drive. Furthermore, your car must adhere to ecological standards, even as the global corporations pollute on a level that could never be rivaled. Finally, you must wear a seat belt, can’t talk on the phone, and must drive at the speed limit. Truly, travel and communications have been controlled in the United States.

The seventh plank talks about the government extending its ownership of industries, including manufacturing and agriculture. It is apparent that many U.S. manufacturing jobs have been imported to the redder China. The United States Department of Agriculture has controlled that sector for many years. They tell farmers where, when, and what to plant. They even dictate the size a fruit or vegetable must be to be sold. They use taxpayer dollars to pay farmers not to plant. And, as the power of the State over farmers has increased, the family farms have equally dissipated.

Under Communism, the State is allowed to dictate your profession and force you to work in it. Executive Orders could allow, if invoked by one man - the President, FEMA to form work brigades. Perhaps we are not there yet, but why would our government progressively build up the power of FEMA to the point that, if allowed, it would be able to take over labor, transportation, communication, and the entire population and land. I say, any government that would even suggest such things is Communist, and should be supplanted by a more republican form.

Another tenet of Communism is a strange one. Marx wrote that it would be best if manufacturing and agriculture, or the city and the country, could be blended into a homogeneous blob. They should appear the same, with no difference in inference. Scan the landscape of America. Rural towns now appear like mini versions of their big brothers, the urban areas. Besides that, most of the citizenry stays inside their homes, those bubbles of seclusion against the world. Most new American homes resemble each other. So, inside of our homes, the rural and urban are truly contiguous.

The tenth and final plank in Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” reads, “Free education for all children in public schools.” Many would say that America needs public, government schools. Without those, our children would not be able to compete. Yet, it is because of those very same schools that our children can no longer get by in the global market. Even Indians and Pakistanis can speak two or more languages, have knowledge of advanced math, and grasp World History. In America, almost half of all kids graduate illiterate. Most can’t speak proper English, don’t know their multiplication table up to twelve, and can’t tell you who the Vice President is.

As I proved in my book, Webs of Power: Government Agencies, Secret Societies, & Elite Legacies, a select group of families have been in control since before our War of Independence. Through the Freemasons, they created America. With America’s help, they instituted Communism as a world player. G. Edward Griffin tells us that the United Nations was simply a platform for the Communists to better infiltrate our government. In 1964 he wrote,

“For many years the United States has been financing and supporting the expansion of international Communism around the world through measures which have been presented to the American people as ways of fighting Communism…President after president has told us that we have to send billions to various Communist and pro-Communist countries in order to win them away from Soviet domination. We have shipped them military equipment, trained their officers in our military schools, sent them machine tools, built whole factories and power dams for them, and sold them subsidized wheat. Our political leaders have shrewdly borrowed the money from our children and grandchildren.”

Is it any wonder that America, herself, has trended toward Communism.

Robert Welch wrote a very important book in 1963, called The Politician, which corroborates Griffin’s thesis. Welch writes, “The American government had saved the Soviet regime from financial collapse in 1933, and given its prestige and credit the vital hypodermic injection, by recognition. The American government had saved the Soviet regime from destruction by Hitler’s armies, in 1942 and 1943, through intervention with both supplies and military force. The American government had made possible all of the postwar expansion by the Soviet empire, by acquiescence and frequently by collaboration in the Soviet subjugation of other nations.” In The Politician, Americans wake up to the Communist threat during the 1950s. Yet, Welch claims the Communists were rescued once again by the American government. “The sad truth is that this tyranny was actually saved, in this period of great vulnerability, by just one thing; by the inauguration, on January 20, 1953, of Dwight David Eisenhower as President of the United States.”

This incursion of redness into our country is methodically and continuously inculcated into our culture. As this essay shows, we are following, to lesser or greater degrees, the entire platform of the Communist Party. I have no answers. This insidiousness pervades every waking moment of American life. Griffin informs us that Communist agents inside our government asked the U.N. to be headquartered in New York, on land donated by a Rockefeller, so that the enemy could better infiltrate our halls of power. That is what has happened. The Reagan incident, with the Berlin Wall, was a ruse. When finally Communist - in the guise of democratic socialism - had taken control of the American government, they simply allowed us to think we had won. Later, much later, we will be able to look upon the shattered battlefields of history, and one thing will become startlingly clear. Today, we live in a world of American Communism.

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