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King George II - Executive Orders, Dictatorial Power

- by Erik Fortman ©, Sept. 14, 2004

King George IIPresident George W. Bush is nothing, if not an elected monarch. He has seized upon this power to issue edicts in the form of Executive Orders. These decrees are not debated over. They are not voted upon by our representatives. The devolution of the power of the States as opposed to the central government is obvious.

On the Federal Government’s official website, I counted no less than 150 Executive Orders issued by King, er, President Bush since he took office in 2001. As soon as January 29th of that year, he issued two formal mandates. “Christian” Bush’s first order was to federalize all religions, through scurrilous faith-based initiatives. Even if true Christians appreciate the influx of money, they must realize that this money comes equally from the religious taxpayer, the atheist taxpayer, and, indeed, the Satanist taxpayer. Furthermore, after only three years of state-sanctioned religiosity, the shadowy trade-off made is becoming evident. Most people are aware that the inefficient method of taxation and redistribution leads to corruption in America. Already, men have been caught lining their pockets with faith-based money. Yet, even here we see the project expanding. Bush’s plan gives money to faith-based institutions. This is because they have proven themselves much more efficient in helping the needy. Haven’t Republican Christians thought, the reason the churches are better is because they hadn’t been weighed down by bureaucratic red-tape and fraud? Until now.

Did I mention that this show of dictatorial power defies America’s unique and enviable position of separating church and state.

The most recent slew of Executive Orders by King George II put into effect the federal intelligence branch of government proposed by the “bipartisan” 9-11 Commission. This stinks like the fast one pulled when the Neo-Cons passed the Patriot Act. Only, this time our representatives can’t say, “I passed it even though I never read it.” This time, Bush simply dictated an edict for which there is no veto. These orders establish a Terrorist Czar (you know, to coordinate the terrorism), a national intelligence center, federal identification programs. Also, the E.O.’s will make sure no civil liberties are destroyed. Yeah, right. You may think Bush is dumb. I think he is a master of double-speak. It is interesting that the mainstream media has not dissected these important orders, yet will spend hours on MJ’s “Jesus juice” or days on Scott Peterson’s sexual predilections. I had to get info from the August 28th edition of the Chicago Tribune. Pathetic. Where is Fox with my fair and balanced news? I guess 20 out of 24 hours should go to hurricanes, even though the weather station is only one channel away. That leaves no one to discuss the Executive Orders!

The right of U.S. Presidents to issue proclamations has, unfortunately, been firmly established since George Washington. Could this power given to an executive figure have been a trick by the Freemason-infested Constitutional Congress, who ran off true patriots such as Patrick Henry? Regardless, Washington’s first order was simply to have his officers give him a summary of America’s situation after her recent victory. Of course, it wasn’t long before he issued a decree stating he was justified in using military force against men who refused to pay taxes, a la the Whiskey Rebellion. So, he used these men to fight Britain with the “no taxation” battle cry. Then, he used his new power to round up and punish, even behead, tax protestors!

Lincoln issued the first official “executive order.” His voluminous use of this power helped to destroy the Union by invading a sovereign South, destroying State’s Rights, and fraudulently passing and enforcing the 14th Amendment.

King Bush II has used his royal mandates to further infiltrate and more firmly ensconce the government into the field of business. In particular, new regulations designed to “help” Small Business and make it more “creative” have been ordered. Another E.O. pertaining to economics is interesting. This one is simply entitled, “European Central Bank.” In this one, Bush has allotted the European Central Bank all the rights and privileges of the most privileged public companies, while allowing it to retain the already exclusive rights that were earlier conferred on the bank for not being public. A favor for cousins, I suppose.

In a March 3, 2003 Executive Order, Bush ordered most Iraqi government assets to be transferred to the Department of Treasury. This makes sense. Bush told us the Iraqis would pay for their own reconstruction. Of course, $200 billion later, and it is only the U.S. taxpayer who has invested in this great business venture. Should it not be the taxpayer who sees the return, when and if this venture takes off? And why can we not just use all these funds, confiscated from the country of Iraq through Bush’s E.O., to pay for the start-up costs? Did the Central Bank of Iraq, and several other banks who had money stolen, er, confiscated not have $200 billion? I find that hard to believe. Is there some connection between these monetary seizures and the Pentagon’s pilfering of over one trillion in tax monies? Finally, where is all this money now?

Perusing the list of Executive Orders, I notice that the King has created several new agencies, commissions, and departments, diametrically opposed to his professed conservative ideology. There is a new office for Global Communications. The new Council on Civic Service and Participation will review “volunteer service and civic participation for all.” When will this council inform the president that the only way to have everyone volunteer is to issue a new decree, enforcing volunteerism. A Commission on the U.S. Postal Service, a new board for labor disputes, and yet another emergency council, are but a few of the offices President George W. Bush has created without setting it to a vote.

Bush 43 is nothing, if not a big spending, big government, Washington-Establishment liberal. For any Texan who claims him, I say this. Look up “Scalawag” in the dictionary, and you will find a picture of Bush.

Republicans are aware that their President is on a federal spending spree. Often, they claim that it is only the war on terror that has brought this about. Socialized prescription drug coverage, farming subsidies, and most of the Executive Orders do not paint such a picture. Republicans are also aware that Bush is in bed with special interests. However, they believe he would not illegally return favors. You are correct. He simply issues monarchical decrees, making the favors completely legal.

Bush’s Executive Orders do not display necessity, nor do they enhance the American condition. In fact, they are often in direct violation with conservative and constitutional values. The Executive Order itself does not belong in a free society. One man cannot decide the fate of all. By following in line with his predecessors, including Clinton (much harassed by Republicans for using executive order power), Bush has put himself forth as an elected monarch. In many instances, he is simply raising himself to the level of king.

Beware, King George II. The American people do not like despots, nor kings, nor tyrants. When Kings issue decrees which are harmful to the people he serves, the people will rebel. It is obvious for anyone with a brain to see that freedom-loving Americans are on a collision course with an American Government gone wrong.

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