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The Murder Of Ofra Haza

- by Barry Chamish ©, Sept. 15th, 2004

Primal JusticeThe missing Yemenite children claimed another victim. Before we begin, please open: Ofra Haza - Tzedek Muchlat.

“Journalist (Ofra Haza) decides to investigate the "kidnapped Yemen children" case & even to find her twin brother after he was missing after his birth. She is meeting Gidi Vaxman (Arnon Tzadok), a detective in the homicide department who is in the climax of solving a very complicated murder case. With her determination, she succeeds in breaking his stubbornness to prove to him that he is her lost brother & to lead him to meeting with his biological parents & meeting his past”

Now we begin with some deep political background. Under dire threat, Ariel Sharon has begun the process of the forced removal of 8000 Jews from their homes. The pressure from within the country comes from the top of Labor Zionism. Their goal is to stop the religious revival taking place within Yesha, beginning with Gaza. With the transfer of the Gazan Jews will come a split in the country so profound that over half its citizens will stop accepting the government as their legal authority. This will spell the end of Israel.

The Gazan Jews represent the finest ideals of the Zionism of national liberation. Labor Zionism is a foreign transplant on the body of the Jews and only its removal can spell the salvation of Israel.

In my previous two articles I spelled out the depths of criminality which is Labor Zionism. With ample proof we learned that the Ben Gurion government sanctioned the mass irradiation of Sephardic children and youths in the 1950s, while kidnapping some 4500 Yemenite infants for use as guinea pigs in American atomic experiments. For this, Israel was paid today's equivalent of 50 billion dollars.

The expose of the Yemenite kidnappings led readers to insist I explore the murder of the Yemenite-Israeli singer Ofra Haza. I had just begun when, divinely, a member of Haza's family asked to meet with me. What he imparted is going to sound fantastic, but what doesn't anymore? You judge, but I believed him.

Let's start with the motive. Ofra Haza had a cousin kidnapped from a transit camp in the 1950s. In 1985, she released an album of Yemenite Songs which turned her into an international disco star, in fact, the most popular Israeli entertainer ever. She was a hero to the Israeli Yemenite community.

In the early 1990s, Rabbi Uzi Meshulum, leader of the movement on behalf of the missing Yemenite children, ignited a demand for the truth that was spreading throughout the country. His house was surrounded by police and army, shot up, killing an eighteen year old follower, and he was finally imprisoned. He returned home in 1999 lobotomized.

The Yemenite community was enraged but felt powerless. Ofra Haza had power, lots of it within the country and throughout the world. Look at a typical testimony to her influence pulled off the internet:

I have to admit that I was ignorant to the proud history of my own ancestors ( OFRA and I are Yemenite ). After being exposed to OFRA's music I found myself researching my ethnic history, asking my mother and grand mother to tell me all they knew of the Yemenite people.

In 1997, Ofra Haza decided to dedicate herself to the missing Yemenite children. She financed and starred in a movie about the issue:

Liat Collins

Jerusalem Post


"Who kidnapped Ofra Haza?" Under this intriguing title, Ma'ariv writer Michal Kafra interviewed the superstar singer who is starring in an Israeli film examining the disappearances of Yemenite immigrant children in the early years of the state. For Haza it marks a return to the big screen, a return from recording studios in Germany and, above all, a return to her roots.

The film, called Absolute Justice, is directed by Doron Eran and Arnon Zadok, who is also the producer.

Arnon Zadok is no minor director. Yemenite himself, he has directed award winning films like White Night, and Beyond The Walls. In fact, he was the last Israeli director to be nominated for an Oscar. But Absolute Justice was shown once at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque and disappeared.

“I was heartbroken when she died. I was never sure that a woman this beautiful would be content to be solely a recording artist; I thought that she had been aspiring to a career in film. I believed that her disappearance from the scene was a result of her film career not taking off; ”

- Tom Schnabel Producer, KCRW Radio

Any movie starring Ofra Haza would have been a hit in Israel but never more than after her death, they told us, of AIDS. So where did the movie go?

It was also in 1997, while making her movie, that Ofra Haza was pursued by a suitor named Doron Ashkenazi. Not just pursued, hounded. She wanted nothing to do with him but profound family pressure was put on her to give him a chance. After her death, it was revealed that Ashkenazi, supposedly a building contractor, paid off Ofra's cousin to be his matchmaker. When her persuasion led to his marriage to Ofra, the yente was paid off with a $20,000 kitchen.

In the wake of Haza's unexpected death, both Ha'ir and Haaretz published pretty deep exposes of Haza's life with Ashkenazi. With the cooperation of her family and her longtime agent, both articles agreed on most major points. Of Ashkenazi, we learned that:

Though she wanted to live near her family in Yehud, Ashkenazi forced Haza to move to an expensive home in Herzlia. Once separated from her roots, he forbade her from visiting family and friends, and had her fire her longtime manager/producer, Bezalel Aloni. While she was dying, Ashkenazi had her sign the deed to her Yehud home over to him, and on the day of her death, he emptied her bank account. Ofra had informed her family that in her will, she bequeathed her home and worldly domain to them. The family challenged Ashkenazi's claim to her property in court. Note that the lawyer chosen was Rami Tsuberi, author of a stinging book about the kidnapped Yemenite children. This URL is in Hebrew.

Ofra Haza was a traditional Yemenite woman, who was modest by nature and not by any means promiscuous. Yet, Ashkenazi convinced her to abort their baby. URL also in Hebrew.

Because of her known modesty, combined with the abortion, the public accused Ashkenazi of passing the AIDS virus on to her. He denied it and promised to take an AIDS test and reveal the results to the public. This was apparently threatening to someone. He never had a chance to take the test ...

Jerusalem Post
Headline: Ofra Haza's widower dies, drugs found
Byline: Itim
Edition: Daily
Section: News
Page: 01

Monday, April 9, 2001 — The attorney of the family of singer Ofra Haza, who died last February of AIDS, said yesterday the family awaits the results of the autopsy to be performed on her husband, Doron Ashkenazi, who died Saturday night, to determine whether he was an HIV carrier.

Ashkenazi was found unconscious Saturday night in his Herzliya home, evidently by friends, who called Magen David Adom around 9 p.m.

... because he was snuffed out 14 months after Haza. But look who promised to do the HIV test post mortem? Why it's Yehuda Hiss, the coroner who falsified the autopsy of Yitzhak Rabin, and the coroner who was caught counterfeiting a DNA test between a surviving Yemenite child and her biological mother.

In English, how Ashkenazi died:

By Amit Ben-Aroya

Ha'aretz Correspondent and wires

Doron Ashkenazi - widower of Israel's most successful international singer, Ofra Haza, who died of AIDS in February 2000 - died Saturday night of an overdose of crystallized cocaine, police said.

His autopsy today may shed a light on Haza's death as well.

"We are expecting an answer as to whether Doron was HIV positive, and the one who infected Ofra," attorney Arie Sharabi, who represents the Haza family, said yesterday.

Several complaints were filed with the police, accusing Ashkenazi of not informing Haza that he was HIV positive. Ashkenazi, who has an eight-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, was never arrested in connection with Haza's death. The Tel Aviv prosecutor is still working on the Haza file. His death is to terminate the investigation, unless the family allows it to be continued, which is very unlikely, Sharabi explained.

On Saturday night, the night of the Seder, Ashkenazi would not celebrate with his family. He said he was still in mourning. A preliminary police investigation indicates he spent the evening with friends, doing "crystal meth" at Ashkenazi's home in Herzliya.

When Ashkenazi suddenly collapsed at 8 P.M., one of the friends called an ambulance, and told Ashkenazi's family. Ashkenazi was rushed to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, where, after attempts at resuscitation, he was pronounced dead.

Police were only informed at 10:30 PM. Chief Superintendent Avi Sasson, deputy commander of the Gelilot station, which is investigating the case, told Ha'aretz he still did not know why Ashkenazi's car was found parked in south Tel Aviv. Ashkenazi family lawyer Shmuel Zang said Ashkenazi was focused on the legal proceeding that were to begin in a few weeks regarding the validity of Haza's will, a copy of which could not be found.

The medical panel that investigated Haza's death published its findings three months ago. Its report said that, if Haza had admitted herself to hospital earlier, her life might have been saved. But Haza, fearful that her condition would become public knowledge, refused to go to the hospital, even when her situation had become very serious.

Ashkenazi was first exposed to the public eye when, in July 1997, he married Haza, a popular singer. She was discovered at age 12 at the underprivileged Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv, by Bezalel Aloni, who was her personal manager for years - until her marriage to Ashkenazi, when she severed her ties with him.

Just weeks before her death, she telephoned Aloni and told him of her condition. "I said a year ago that this man [Ashkenazi] was to blame. He covered himself with a battery of lawyers. His death only serves to emphasize how tragic and futile Ofra's death was. Doron was the first and last man in her life, and that's terrible," Aloni said.

© copyright 2001 Ha'aretz. All Rights Reserved

With Ashkenazi out of the way, he would talk no more, nor take an HIV test. Dr. Hiss' post mortem test was never released, so Haaretz was used to put final closure on the issue, publishing a report that Haza had an affair with a bi-sexual German film producer. The disinformation apparently did its job and the Haza death withered away with the elimination of Ashkenazi.

Now, with great trepidation, I introduce Shimon Peres. It was Peres who invited Haza to sing at the signing of the Oslo Accord and at the Nobel Prize ceremony, during which he won a prize for "peace." Recalling that Peres was in charge of the Israeli atomic program during the days when the Yemenite children were kidnapped and turned into guinea pigs for atomic experiments, her appearance beside him was more than a little disconcerting.

When Haza entered the hospital, 13 days before she finally succumbed to her poisoning, Peres called her mother to see how she was doing.

And who gave her eulogy, but Shimon Peres:

At the funeral, Peres called Haza 'a singer of hope for the nation and the world' and thanked her for 'making Israel a nation of song.'

What was Peres' great interest in promoting the career of Ofra Haza? I met the Haza family member at a cafe near the Shalom Tower in Tel Aviv. Everything he told me came from within Ofra Haza's closest circles.

FM - She was murdered because of the film. I was there when it was shown at the Cinemateque. It was chopped up. She told us that she named names in the movie. I recall she blamed Yisrael Kessar and Yisrael Yeshiahu for being the capos of the kidnappings. That wasn't in the final edit of the film. The film was never shown again but copies of the original are floating around. They got Arnon to bury it and they got Ofra buried.

BC - How did they do it?

FM - We all believe she was deliberately infected with AIDS. Now there was no reason for her to die of it. She was feeling weak for a year and had seen her doctor to complain. But she wasn't given the HIV cocktail.

BC - Why not?

FM - We found out later that her doctor, Mimi Hatman, was a friend/lover of Doron Ashkenazi's. They were in on the murder together. Do you remember the nonsense the media spread that Ofra kept her AIDS a secret so her fans wouldn't be disappointed? In other words, she preferred to die rather than treat her disease? What a story, but the public bought it. The twist given was that she died of shame.

BC - So Ashkenazi married her to murder her?

FM - Yeah. He was the hitman.

BC - For who, Shabak, Mossad?

FM - No, he was Peres' boy. He was on assignment from him. Peres was about the last survivor of the gang that arranged the kidnappings. He would do anything to keep the lid on the affair. When he found out that Ofra was on the Yemenite children bandwagon, he panicked. She was bigger than he was. She was more popular and, of course, way more trusted. She was the biggest threat the scandal ever faced. She was too naive to realize the danger she placed herself in by making that movie. After they got Ofra out of the way, they decided to finish the job. Ashkenazi was getting unpredictable after everyone thought he gave her AIDS because he had it. He didn't and hated everyone thinking he did. He was going to blow the operation so they had him ODing on a needle. That was perfect because it explained how this heterosexual got the disease in the first place. A couple in their 30s injected him and the woman was murdered too. It's very deadly to get too close to Peres, and Ofra should have known better. She knew him better than anyone ever found out.

BC - Because of Oslo and the Nobel Prize ceremony?

FM - He took her everywhere. If Margaret Thatcher was in town, he'd bring her along to serenade her. I have a picture of that event. His affair with her began way before the 'peace' process. He saw her first movie, Ha Frekha, (The Tart), and he took a shine to her. Peres had a contact to the film's director, Pashanel, who died last year. He was Gideon Zinger. He's the father of Yoel Zinger, the lawyer who drew up the Declaration Of Principles with the PLO. That's how he got to meet Ofra. Peres is a serial cad, but at least he rewards his conquests with great careers. However, he really took advantage of her.

BC - Are you really saying that Peres had an affair with Ofra Haza?

FM - Oh, for years. There are people in the family who say he raped her, but I call it mind-screwing. She's a young naive singer who comes from the slums. Now she's invited to Stockholm to perform for famous diplomats. Then she's in Rome, singing to the pope. How could she refuse him later in the hotel? He was using her to satisfy himself and sell peace. He had it made. And she was getting a big career boost by playing along. But she made a bigger mistake.

BC - Being what?

FM - She wanted to do something for her people. The issue of the Yemenite children took hold. I'm almost positive it had nothing to do with getting even with Peres. I don't think she made the connection to his role. But there is that chance that she wanted revenge for the shame he caused her, at least subconsciously. Whatever the truth, Peres felt betrayed and threatened. So Ofra got the Rabin treatment.

That was NOT what I was expecting to hear when I arranged the interview.

If any of this tawdry tale is true, and I'm inclined to believe that ALL of it may be, then we know just how much wickedness resides in the heart of the leader of the Labor Party, of Labor Zionism, of the peacemaker who brought us Oslo, and who is now leading the battle to annihilate the Jewish presence in Gush Katif.

And that very wickedness just can't be allowed to triumph if we are to remain proud Jews and Zionists. May this New Year finally bring truth to Israel.

Response to my new CD has been wonderful:

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Thanks so much! ”

“ Incidentally, I love the CD; I've listened to it twice. It's truly chilling, the all-pervasiveness of the mixed tendrils of evil. We are rushing head-long into Luciferian world government, and the bad guys control both sides of every debate. Two false extremes are created and cultivated so that "reasonable," "sound-thinking" people can comfortably shun them both, settle into the artificial "middle," and be led like cheerful, well-informed lambs to the killing fields. Anyone who points out the artificiality of the whole scenario is clearly delusional, perhaps insane, in this crazy context. Uggh! ”

“ Thank you for the C.D.s. It appears as though you have probably nailed it. Perhaps this "behind the scenes" group could be what Revelation 3:9 refers to… "those of the synagogue of the adversary, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie"? At any rate, I anxiously await the day that Daniel 2:34-35 is fulfilled. ”

Response to the video has been critical. It was recorded in a large hall with 500 people present and too many people are not happy with the sound. I won't print their complaints but they're out there. On the other hand, lots of people liked it.

“Hi Barry,

Great video!!! I had no idea that the spawn of satan known as the Vatican had it's claws so much in Israel. I was glued to the whole video. You are like a breath of fresh air. I went to your site looking for video information in order to promote it but found none. I can scan the video cover for my site, but what info can I give people on how to order it? IOW where can they order the video. Please let me know and I will promote it on my site.”

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