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In Bed with the Enemy

PTECHPaul David Collins | 2006-09-28 - A key character connecting the government to the terrorist network is Grover Norquist. Norquist is a GOP/Bush operative who helped the President gain the support of Islamic people and organizations here in the United States. The Nation magazine referred to Norquist as "'Field Marshal of the Bush Plan" (Gitell, no pagination). However, Norquist can be characterized as much more than just a Bush supporter. Grover Norquist is best described as the tie between the Administration and Islamists.

Unholy Matrimony: The Tie Between the Cult of Intelligence and the Cult of Oligarchy

Cult of IntelligencePaul David Collins | 2006-09-09 - What is being examined here is an unholy union. The first spouse is the Cult of Intelligence, which is the CIA. Despite its fierce secrecy, many, if not all Americans, are aware of this Cult's existence. After all, it has a definite geographical location, which is Langley, Virginia. The major news media and the government also acknowledge its existence. On the other hand, the Cult of Oligarchy, which is the power elite, is not so easily detected.

Nothing Beyond the Flesh: The Theocracy of Prima Materia

TheocracyPhillip D. Collins | 2006-09-09 - The occult theocracies of antiquity had found a way of perpetuating themselves. The Mystery priesthoods of ancient Babylon and Egypt found their modern counterparts in the revolutionary ideologues of contemporary totalitarianism. Out of the Promethean movement would spring Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, two technocratic regimes premised upon the Gnostic myth of Darwinism.

Lebanon: Victim of the Global Democratic Revolution

LebanonPaul David Collins | 2006-07-20 - Who's to blame for the current crisis in the Middle East? Point the accusatory finger at the neoconservatives and their concept of a global democratic revolution. The neoconservatives are a faction of the elite that are essentially running the Bush Administration. They are Trotskyites who have blended their leftist philosophy with Leo Straussian fascist additives and technocratic concepts to form what can be described as a new Jacobinism.

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Two: Is California Ground Zero?

Ruling ClassPaul David Collins | 2006-07-06 - With two racist demagogues planted high up in Californian politics, the stage has been set for a race war. When the time is right, both Schwarzenegger and Villaraigosa will be in a position to mobilize the two racist camps for the fighting. All that is needed now is a pretext.

Traversing the Moral Rubicon

Moral RubiconPhillip D. Collins | 2006-06-23 - The mantra of "Do what thou wilt" is continually reiterated by academia, the media, and pop culture. With each successive generation, humanity continues its inexorable drift towards amorality. Of course, this drift serves the interests of the ruling class.

May Day and the Posthumous Influence of the Illuminati

Illuminati May DayTerry Melanson | 2006-05-03 - Secret societies do nothing without multiple layers of esoteric meaning; symbolism is of vital importance. It was in this tradition that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. When we look at the doctrine of the Illuminati, it becomes clear that the choice of May Day for its birth was no coincidence.

Why The Cypriot Racketeer Racketeers

Cypriot RacketeerBarry Chamish | 2006-05-02 - Sharon's doctors confessed. They murdered the Prime Minister, and on April 27 said so on the Channel Two show, Uvda, meaning, fact. They should have said, "Peres blew the first attempt on Dec. 19 because Sharon didn't drink enough poisoned tea. So these thugs cornered us and made us murder Sharon for good."

Larry Pulls It

LarryBarry Chamish | 2006-04-18 - I was in Cyprus for five days where I stayed with Jim Searcy. He had just produced a 9-11 CD and noted, "They screwed up Building 7 and UA Flight 93. If people figure those out, the scandal will fly."

So You Think You've Heard Some Good Conspiracies

Good ConspiraciesBarry Chamish | 2006-04-11 - So Shimon Peres finagles his way to number two in the government. What does that mean to him? A fun trip to the Vatican. [...] if you're missing your fill of Sabbatian literature, allow us to keep you sated.

Why It's So Much Easier To Hate The Right

EasierBarry Chamish | 2006-04-03 - This election, no one reported the spoiled votes, which could add up to over 2% of the results. But I'll guess that a perfect 40% of the country didn't vote at all or honestly. Well done. Still, what do we do with the 60% who do vote? In fact, what do we do with the Right?

From Jericho Far From the Polls

Israeli Forces Raid Jericho JailBarry Chamish | 2006-03-24 - The country's leaders are the most deranged crooks the CFR can cook up. This time the mafia is led by an Olmert/Peres, with a Bibi ready to make it a third.

The Social Scientific Dictatorship: The Role of the Social Sciences in the Mechanization of Mankind

SkinnerPaul and Phillip Collins | 2006-03-21 - Skinner presented his psychologically engineered Utopia as a roman a' clef entitled Walden Two. Characterizing Walden Two as an innocuous fiction, Skinner stated: "The 'behavioral engineering' I had so frequently mentioned in the book was, at the time, little more than science fiction" (vi). Yet, "behavioral conditioning" was much more than science fiction to dark forces with dark intentions.

Live on Comedy Central

PurimBarry Chamish | 2006-03-16 - "If you want to know Israeli political crime, you gotta read Dan Izenberg?" How often have you heard that? If you want a feel for the crime, you have to know the man who's following it for the Jerusalem Post. Right? Someone said that, no?

Cultivating Criminality: The Centrality of Deviance To The Scientific Dictatorship

Cultivating CriminalityPhillip D. Collins | 2006-03-10 - [The] gradual subversion of the nation-state system is integral to the power elite's plan to establish a socialist totalitarian world government. Yet, the criminal culture resulting from this plan is hardly some unintended byproduct. MS-13 and other criminal enterprises produced by globalization are integral to the statist blueprint of a global scientific dictatorship.

Now a Few Words From

Get Well Barry!Barry Chamish | 2006-03-09 - Three weeks ago tomorrow I suffered a stroke. I actually returned from the hospital, wrote a finale text, which took me hours to write four sentences, gathered my goods in a bag and returned to the hospital. There I dealt with life's newest twists.

The Veil of Materialism

Veil of MaterialismPhillip D. Collins | 2006-02-10 - In addition to facilitating the rise of a new occult theocracy, materialism has also contributed to the enormous volumes of bloodshed witnessed by the 20th century. Arguably, contemporary regimes premised upon dialectical materialism have murdered far more people than any traditional theocracy premised upon a theistic faith.

Olmert At It Again

OlmertBarry Chamish | 2006-01-27 - Ehud Olmert has a fatal flaw. Fatal for Israel mostly. Give him a position of power and he exploits it to enrich himself, and damn the consequences for the country.

What You Didn't Know About Scientology

ScientologyMark Owen | 2006-01-27 - There has been a revival of interest in Scientology recently, largely driven by the ministrations of Hollywood jackanapes Tom Cruise. [...] It is perhaps timely to revue some of the history of the 'church,' its membership and especially its mercurial founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

The Sharon Assassination Attempts - Part 2

Sharon AssassinationBarry Chamish | 2006-01-16 - On December 18, Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres raised wineglasses together in the Knesset. Half an hour later, Sharon suffered a stroke. He was brought into hospital by Yoram Rubin, the bodyguard who murdered Yitzhak Rabin.

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