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The Order of the Skull and Bones: Sources

- By Kris Millegan (Editor, Conspiracy Theory Research List)

For the article: The Order of the Skull and Bones: Everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

George Bush:

Names of the ships at the Bay of Pigs:

  • La Batalla de Giron By Quintin Pino Machado
  • La Habana: Editorial de Ciencias Sociales 1983. This source quotes one ship as the Barbara J. According to Quintin Pino Machado, the Houston had been given the new name of Aguja (Swordfish) and the Barbara that of Barracuda for the purposes of this operation.
  • Bay of Pigs, The Untold Story By Peter Wyden Simon and Schuster 1979. This book also mentions the Barbara J.

Skull and Bones - Secret Societies:

CIA and Intelligence:

Drug Trafficking:

JFK Assassination:

Nazis & Communism: