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Demons in Alien's Clothing

GargoyleRon Patton | 2002-08-03 - As we enter the 21st century and a new millineum, Satan has devised the delusion that mankind is entering into an important evolutionary phase - a New Age. The push for "global enlightenment" has now extended to the vast reaches of the universe, into what could be deemed as a "space" religion. However, once this nebulous veil is lifted, a definite correlation emerges between the UFO/Alien phenomenon and occultic/satanic activity.

A Brief Account Of The True Nature Of The 'UFO Entities'

UFO EntitiesGordon Creighton | 2002-02-12 - [The] study of all the great world religions - and notably Islam - would yield valuable clues as to the true nature of the so-called 'UFO Phenomenon' and would rapidly eliminate much of the fatuous 'Space-Age Mythology' that has been spawned in such profusion over the last three decades.

UFO's: The Shattering Assault by Father Alexey Young

UFO's: The Shattering AssaultFather Alexey Young | 2002-02-10 - Hiermonk Seraphim (Rose) wrote in his study of UFOs (in Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future): "Science fiction has giving the images, evolution has produced the philosophy, and the technology of the 'space age' has supplied the plausibility for such encounters".

Famous Abduction of Antonio Villas Boas: Alien Sexual Deviants

Antonio Villas BoasTerry Melanson | 2001-10-16 - In Brazil during the 1950's worldwide "UFO Flap" comes a report of one of the most bizarre accounts on record - the seduction of Antonio Villas Boas. The first recorded incident of a UFO abduction in the modern age happened to the 23 year old Brazilian on October 15, 1957. It also stands as a well documented "physical" case with doctors examining the effects after his encounters.

John J. Robinson Reports on Underground Entrances

Underground EntranceTimothy Beckley | 2001-08-28 - In the following chapter, Mr. Robinson has written about several entrances to the inner world that he believes may exist in South America and elsewhere. Unlike certain other researchers in this particular field, John J. Robinson went to great lengths to back up his investigations with timely documentation.

UFOs & the Cult of ET: The Phantasmagorical Manipulation

ContacteesTerry Melanson | 2001-08-20 - The relation to other "paranormal" phenomenon is not coincidence. These quotes will show that the UFO phenomenon is a modern representation of age-old occult manifestations; i.e., researchers in "UFOlogy" would be studying Demonology, had they lived in earlier times.

An Interview with Timothy Green Beckley

Hollow EarthMelanson and Beckley | 2001-07-02 - Shaver, Palmer and I had a lively debate going for a while over the reality of the subsurface world. I put a lot of this material together into a book that was published by Barker's long since defunct Saucerian Press.

John Lilly, Ketamine and The Entities From ECCO

John LillyAdam Gorightly | 2001-06-24 - Many paranormal parallels can be drawn from the experience of John Lilly, one such being the so-called Near Death Experience (NDE), where Guides, as he called them (the two representatives from ECCO) appeared to Lilly much as figurative angels bathed in light do to others who have experienced NDE.

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns & Fairies

The Secret Commonwealth of ElvesTerry Melanson | 2001-06-17 - Throughout the Bible (evil spirits, demons, fallen angels, nephilim), folklore (sylphs, fairies, gnomes, spirits of the air), and UFO (grays, reptilians, ETs, space brothers, chupacabra) literature, we find our visitors have the ability to manipulate time and space. To choose a form at will. They seem to be toying with their true nature. Almost laughing at us mere mortals.

UFOs and Fairies

Fairy or Alien?Ken Korczak | 2001-05-16 - The most popular belief today is that UFOs are spaceships piloted by aliens from outer space. But another good theory which never gets as much press is that which says UFOs may, in fact, be right here from earth.

The Sulphur Enigma of Paranormal Visitation

SulphurTerry Melanson | 2001-04-25 - Witnesses of paranormal activities today and in centuries past have consistently encountered a common trait. Indeed, since the prophets of the bible spoke of the judgment of the Lord with fire and brimstone, has Sulphur smells been associated with paranormal manifestations.

Ritual Magic, Mind Control and the UFO Phenomenon

Aleister Crowley Alien DrawingAdam Gorightly | 2001-02-20 - It was not long after my own encounter with strange aerial phenomenon that I began to see a link between UFOs to such seemingly disparate topics as psychedelics, psychotronics, and ritual magick.